Pasta with cauliflower recipe

Pasta with cauliflower recipe Are you looking for a simple and yummy recipe that does not involve much time? Try this pasta with cauliflower: so good and so easy! RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  PASTA WITH CAULIFLOWER   INGREDIENTS (for 3 people) 270/280 g of short pasta 300 g of cauliflower florets 1 garlic clove black olives... Continua »
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How to cook pasta

How to cook pasta I’m Italian and I love pasta. I eat it almost every day. Cooking pasta is not difficult, but it is necessary to follow some simple rules. So….I want to show you how to cook pasta correctly.  Al dente….of course!!!  HOW to COOK PASTA First of all it is important to remember... Continua »
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Ham and peas baked pasta

Ham and peas baked pasta This ham and peas baked pasta is a delicious dish that you can prepare in advance and bake at the last minute. Try it! It is easy and yummy! I am sure that your family will gobble up this pasta. RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  HAM and PEAS BAKED PASTA  INGREDIENTS... Continua »
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Pasta with bell peppers and eggplant

Pasta with bell peppers and eggplant If you like vegetables and pasta, you must try this dazzlingly simple and delicious recipe: pasta with bell peppers and eggplant. I’m sure you will love it. RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  PASTA with BELL PEPPERS and EGGPLANT INGREDIENTS (for 2 people) 180 g of short pasta ½ red bell pepper... Continua »
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Zucchini and smoked salmon pasta

Zucchini and smoked salmon pasta This zucchini and smoked salmon pasta is a very tasty recipe. It is also very simple and quick to prepare. Try it and let me know!!! RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  PASTA with ZUCCHINI and SMOKED SALMON INGREDIENTS (for 4 people) 350 g of short pasta 1 scallion 3 zucchini (courgettes)... Continua »
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Spaghetti with tuna and capers

Spaghetti with tuna and capers Any ideas about your lunch? I’ll give you a tip. I’ll teach you how to prepare a really easy dish which won’t take more than 15 minutes: spaghetti with tuna and capers. Definitely a tasty dish!!! RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI SPAGHETTI with TUNA and CAPERS   INGREDIENTS (for 4 people)... Continua »
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