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  • Single portion Tiramisu in country cups

    Single portion Tiramisu in country cups

    Tiramisu is an Italian classic.
    It’s probably the most famous Italian cake in the world. Because of course mascarpone cheese is damn good!
    Probably it’s not so easy to find abroad, and likely quite expensive, but when you will try this cake, you will not regret about your efforts to find it.
    The name “Tiramisu” litterally means “pick/lift me up” because the legend says it has aphrodiasiac powers. I honestly doubt it ahaha but of course it’s a very energizing cake!
    I prepared these nice single-serving Tiramisu-s because my mother often teaches cooking classes for foreign people who want to learn both Italian language and cooking 😛
    There’s a famous language school near our hotel, they teach foreigners language of course, and we take care of the cooking part!
    Tiramisu is a very fast and easy recipe. It doesn’t need to be cooked, just stored in the frigde.
    If I have to compare Tiramisu to a famous English dessert i would say “trifle”, even if the flavour and method is totally different.

  • english recipes
  • Sweet baked ricottas with chocolate and almonds

    Sweet baked ricottas with chocolate and almonds

    The sweet baked ricottas are an anti-panic recipe. That recipe you will need when uninvited or unexpected guests will land at your home and you have nothing to prepare a cake, no flour, no butter, no milk, nothing!!!
    To prepare the sweet baked ricottas you just need three common ingredients: ricotta, eggs and sugar.
    Then you can add everything you want, or that your pantry offers, I had almonds and milk chocolate, but you can easily add other flavours: nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, dark chocolate, white chocolate, lemon zest, mixed berries, vanilla, cinnamon, or everything you want….just don’t add…broccoli for example 😛
    Or if you don’t have anything else, they will be damn good also using the three basic ingredients.
    They are ready in 3 minutes, they cook for 30 minutes, in 35 minutes you will have a dessert ready to be eaten. They are good served warm, with the chocolate still melted.
    Prepare them in a nice small casserole so you can serve them to you guests inside the baking dish.
    The ricottas will rise a lot in the oven, and the chocolate will probably run long the side of the casserole, don’t worry! They will look country, rustic and home-made (of course they don’t look so much elengant and chic :P), and that’s a warranty of freshness and good quality.
    The sweet baked ricottas are a gluten free recipe, so they are perfect for celiacs.
    When you will plunge your spoon inside those ricottas you will find a creamy cake with melted chocolate inlays and a crunchy almondy surface.
    Simply amazing.