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  • Cathedral shaped cake with multicolor top

    Cathedral shaped cake with multicolor top

    I made the cathedral shaped cake for my best friend’s birthday.
    I wanted to do something different, and I’m not a cake-design’s fan. So decorated cakes were not an option.
    I had this fantastic cake mould by Silikomart which is an italian factory specialized in silicone moulds, but you can easily find something similar by Nordic ware (even if in aluminun or some kind of metal).
    It has the shape of a cathedral, really weird shape for a cake, but i like weird stuff!
    So i did this cake, with a quite normal buttery base ( i already tried this before to know if it fitted with the mould), the added the mixed berries to the dough.
    And a little magic happened…also helped by luck.
    The chance wanted that the mixed berries were so sour that i had to cut them in the middle and add some sugar. It was this little trick that turned the cake into something fantastic and spectacular.
    The berries thanks to gravity force did sink in the dough and when i turned the cake upside down they were shining on the surface, in all their splendour.
    The sugar I added did candy them, so they were lucid, bright and full of colours.
    The cathedral cake looked like a multicolor painting. I did whisper “ohhhhh” when I pulled it out the mould.

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  • Spiced muffins with almonds and cream

    Spiced muffins with almonds and cream

    This recipe mixes the italian taste with the american/anglosaxon one!
    The italian taste is of course represented by almonds and cream, while the anglosaxon by spices and muscovado sugar which is inside the muffins.
    I prepared this muffins for some friends of mine who are really “picky” 😛
    One is allergic to nickel, so when I have to prepare a cake for him I’m always in panic. I cannot use chocolate, cocoa, wholewheat flour, shell fruit (nuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts).
    the only ones I can use are almonds, which are tolerated by allergic people…
    The other one (my boyfriend :P) doesn’t like dried fruit and fresh fruit….so as you can understand I was in real troubles.
    I built this recipe specifically for them, trying to create something good with the few elements I had, and I have to admit it worked!!!
    Those muffins were soft and spongy thanks to the cream, had a crunchy surface thanks to the almonds, and an intense flavour, because I put ginger and cinnamon to spice them.
    The brown colour is given by the muscovado sugar, no wholemeat flour was killed for the making of this muffins.

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  • Milka brownie cake with toffee and hazelnuts

    Milka brownie cake with toffee and hazelnuts

    I know, i have tons of brownies recipes in my blog (english translations will come, sooner or later) but i can’t resist!!!
    brownies are among my favourite cakes!
    the brownie cake takes inspiration from this Milka chocolate bar, i bought two bars about six months ago. i ate one of them in 3 evenings, then assaulted from guilt i promised myself i would use the other to make a cake, so i put it into a closet and forgot about it for half a year.
    yesterday i discovered it again, it was going to expire, so i decided to make a brownie cake.
    this wonderful bar is made from 5 layers. yes, you read it right! 5 layers!!!
    milk chocolate, white chocolate, toffee, hazelnuts and milk chocolate again. 2 centimeters thick, half meter long. 300 gramms of lightness.

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  • A cake a day – English section of the blog

    Salati per caso - una nuova sezione del blog

    here we are, ready to start this new adventure!!! “A cake a day” the english section of the blog!!!
    i’m not a native english speaker, so forgive me if my english is not perfect! i’ll try to do my best! i’ve studied english only at school and italians aren’t universally known for their skills in languages 😛
    i’ve practiced a little at the place where i work, but the greatest school for me was the wordwideweb, where i could talk to people and meet new friends.
    of course my english is far away from perfection, so be patient please!!!
    even if they aren’t good at languages, italians are known for their cooking abilities, so i hope you will find something interesting in my blog (and that this will make even with the mistakes :P)
    the name of the blog “Un dolce al giorno” means “A cake a day” because we have a famous italian saying which is: “una mela al giorno toglie il medico di torno”.
    translated in english sounds something like this: “an apple a day takes the doctor away” because apples are a very healthy food. this is of couse a wordplay because cakes are not considered such an healthy food but they are damn good!!!
    the love for baking also helped me in a very hard period of my life, so it was a sort of cure for me.
    soooo…let’s start this new section, you will find italian traditional cakes here….but also some of the anglosaxon/american tradition, seen through the eyes of an italian, revisited a little bit to be adapted to our taste.