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  • Mini nutella cheesecake in a jar

    Mini nutella cheesecake in a jar

    I am an Italian who loves cakes, this is a matter of fact!
    Given that, when I prepare a cheesecake, which better ingredient than Nutella should I use? No one else! This is the right answer 😛
    If you have read the intro of the English section of this blog you probably know what I’m speaking about.
    I’m in love with both Italian and Anglosaxon cakes (American AND English), especially muffin, cupcakes, brownies, pies and cheesecakes. When I’m baking a cake I always take a look to the original recipe but I try to rearrange it using Italian ingredients, for three main reasons: 1. availability, 2. tradition 3. sometimes just because they are damn good, like nutella, mascarpone, almonds, fruit, etc.
    For example we use to flavour nearly all our cakes with lemon zest instead of vanilla seeds, because you know…we have plenty of lemon trees, while vanilla it’s very expensive here!
    When I have prepared these mini nutella cheesecakes i wanted to use one of the most famous italian products, Nutella, for creating a classic English cake, the no-bake cheesecake.
    I have choosen the no-bake cheesecake because i think that cooked Nutella isn’t good. After undergoing a high temperature its flavour will be terribly ruined…
    I also used a typical American way to serve mini cheesecakes, which i find really lovely, into little mason jars, those jars used to store home-made marmalades and conserves.
    This way you can easily offer to your guests/friends a single-serving cheesecake in a tiny and cute jar without getting worried about slices and portions.

  • english recipes
  • Spiced muffins with almonds and cream

    Spiced muffins with almonds and cream

    This recipe mixes the italian taste with the american/anglosaxon one!
    The italian taste is of course represented by almonds and cream, while the anglosaxon by spices and muscovado sugar which is inside the muffins.
    I prepared this muffins for some friends of mine who are really “picky” 😛
    One is allergic to nickel, so when I have to prepare a cake for him I’m always in panic. I cannot use chocolate, cocoa, wholewheat flour, shell fruit (nuts, pine nuts, hazelnuts).
    the only ones I can use are almonds, which are tolerated by allergic people…
    The other one (my boyfriend :P) doesn’t like dried fruit and fresh fruit….so as you can understand I was in real troubles.
    I built this recipe specifically for them, trying to create something good with the few elements I had, and I have to admit it worked!!!
    Those muffins were soft and spongy thanks to the cream, had a crunchy surface thanks to the almonds, and an intense flavour, because I put ginger and cinnamon to spice them.
    The brown colour is given by the muscovado sugar, no wholemeat flour was killed for the making of this muffins.