Phyllo-wrapped feta cheese

Phyllo-wrapped feta cheese

The phyllo-wrapped feta cheese is a very tasty and easy appetizer, but can be served as a dessert too. It is a traditional starter tipical of Crete and it can accompany the local drinks.

Phyllo-wrapped feta cheese

chef19Difficulty: easy clock96 Prep time: 5 minutes cooking15Cook: 6 minutes
food27Serves: 2 coins15 Cost: medium


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  • 200 g feta cheese
  • 4 sheets phyllo pastry
  • olive oil for frying
  • 2 teaspoons sesame seeds
  • honey


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Cut the feta into two thick slices (1 cm).

Place each piece of feta on a sheet of phyllo, wrap the cheese with the phyllo into an envelope. Wrap the same way, in a second sheet of phyllo.

To close well the final part of phyllo you can brush it with egg white. Alternatively, you can wet the phyllo with water, just on the point you want to adhere to the underside.

Put the sesame seeds in a pan and toast, over medium heat for about 1 minute.

Fry the phyllo-wrapped feta cheese, half covered with olive oil, for about 3 minutes, turning often. The phyllo takes a deep golden color.

Avoid turning the feta with a fork, which could puncture the phyllo , spilling the liquid, and then to splash the oil.

Drizzle the feta cheese with some honey and strew with some sesame seeds.

Serve while still hot!

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