fruit salad with strawberries

Tomorrow will be sunday, the day of the brunch! For this occasion I prepared a fantastic fruit salad: it will clean your mouth from the other flavours at the end of the meal. It seems easy, but you must know how to do it in the right way!

fruit salad

-2 bananas
-125 g blackberry
-2 kiwi
-400 g strawberries
-fresh ginger
-grand Marnier
-lemon juice

Cut strawberries in 4 or 6 pieces and put them in a bowl, add kiwis cutted in two parts and the in six after entire blackberries and the bananas cutted in slices. Puor some lemon juice on the fruit, add ginger cutted in fine slices and minced mint, mix everything with a spoon. Sprinkle on it due tea spoons of sugar and pour a spoon of grand-Marnier, mix again and let it sit. This is fabolous with pancakes or with cream icecream. Happy brunch!

firma 1



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