cacio e pepe pasta

cacio e pepe pasta

Cacio e pepe pasta is a tradition’s classic, but even if it seems a piece of cake to do, you need to know it well to make it the best one you have ever ate! cacio e pepe pasta  ingredients: -140 g roman pecorino -250 […]

tiramisu in the cup

tiramisu in the cup

  This  tiramisu in the cup is my new version of the classical tiramisù and it’s pretty lovely, it tastes like the normal one, but has more flavour thanks to the coffe gelly. You must try it! tiramisu in the cup ingredients (for 8 cups): […]


These savoiardi are very soft and are also flavoured, they are perfect for baking the tiramisu! ingredients (for around 25 savoiardi): -270 g albumen -200 g white sugar -cake’s yeast -baking soda -180 g yolk -230 g white flour -20 g soluble coffe preparazione: Beat […]

fruit salad with strawberries

Tomorrow will be sunday, the day of the brunch! For this occasion I prepared a fantastic fruit salad: it will clean your mouth from the other flavours at the end of the meal. It seems easy, but you must know how to do it in […]

The scones

The scones, England’s famous biscuits, are usually baked for the tea time or as pastries for breakfast. They are gorgeous filled with strawberry jam and cream: delicious! The scones ingredients (for 15 scones): -250 g cake’s flour -60 g soft, chopped butter -150 ml milk […]

potato soup

This potato soup, served with some parmesan croutons, it’s a flavourful and nutritious cream, wich gives a touch of elegance to every dinner. potato soup ingredients: for the soup -500 g potatoes -100 g peeled shallot -30 g butter -2 stock cubes -salt and pepper […]


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