Scarpaccia – Italian zucchini cake (from Tuscany)

Scarpaccia - Italian zucchini cake (from Tuscany)

Scarpaccia is a cake from my city, Viareggio.
I used to eat it since I was a child, so it’s normal for me, even if the combination of a cake and zucchini could sound quite weird.
Can you imagine my surprise when I learned that a famous American cake, the zucchini bread, was similar to it?
Of course the cake is different, but you can’t ignore some similarities.
This is a family recipe, my granma used to do the zucchini cake, then taught it to my mother.
We often do the zucchini cake at the hotel where my mom and I work. It’s always funny to see people’s faces and reactions in front of this weird new cake (because you know, it’s famous only in my city!)
They divide into two categories:
THE BRAVE: those who are really courageous to dare and taste everything.
THE SCARED: those who look at this cake like an alien food. they take a bit with the fork, look at it really close, smell it, analyze it, touch it and then gather all their bravery and swallow it with their eyes closed. Like they are going to die, in few seconds.