Scarpaccia – Italian zucchini cake (from Tuscany)

Scarpaccia - Italian zucchini cake (from Tuscany)

Scarpaccia is a cake from my city, Viareggio.
I used to eat it since I was a child, so it’s normal for me, even if the combination of a cake and zucchini could sound quite weird.
Can you imagine my surprise when I learned that a famous American cake, the zucchini bread, was similar to it?
Of course the cake is different, but you can’t ignore some similarities.
This is a family recipe, my granma used to do the zucchini cake, then taught it to my mother.
We often do the zucchini cake at the hotel where my mom and I work. It’s always funny to see people’s faces and reactions in front of this weird new cake (because you know, it’s famous only in my city!)
They divide into two categories:
THE BRAVE: those who are really courageous to dare and taste everything.
THE SCARED: those who look at this cake like an alien food. they take a bit with the fork, look at it really close, smell it, analyze it, touch it and then gather all their bravery and swallow it with their eyes closed. Like they are going to die, in few seconds.

Coconut mini-volcanoes – brazilian cakes (light and funny)

Coconut mini-volcanoes - brazilian cakes (light and funny)

This is not a recipe of mine, i took this recipe from Fernanda’s blog Sabor Brasil.
The original cake is this: Bolo gostoso com cobertura de coco, if you look at the photos you can see that the result is totally different, i took a cake and turned it into little and funny volcanoes.
I think that the best way to pay homage to a recipe is to give your interpretation, so i’m giving mine!
I promised myself to not change too much this brazilian cake, but i could not resist.
i added lemon and vanilla, to adapt it to the italian taste, i changed butter with margarine, i put only two eggs instead of three.
ok, i must admit, i changed a lot of things, also the shape, thing that made this little cakes really funny!
i used little bundt moulds with a flat top (a sort of sweet crater), where i put the coconut, they really look like mini-volcanoes which erupt white and delicious lava.
the biggest change that i made from the original recipe is probably the coconut covering. i reduced the quantity of milk and increased the quantity of coconut so the mixture could be wet but not too much. the original recipe suggested to serve the cake inside of a baking pan because the cake should be really wet. this is of course wasn’t possibile with pastries, that’s why i changed the covering.
i really liked this mini-vulcanoes. they have a different shape from the classic muffin/donuts/bundt cakes, and they also have an interesting taste. the cake itself is soft and light (only 50 gr of butter or margarina for 18 brazilian cakes) , the filling is sweet, mellow and crunchy at the same time.

A cake a day – English section of the blog

Salati per caso - una nuova sezione del blog

here we are, ready to start this new adventure!!! “A cake a day” the english section of the blog!!!
i’m not a native english speaker, so forgive me if my english is not perfect! i’ll try to do my best! i’ve studied english only at school and italians aren’t universally known for their skills in languages 😛
i’ve practiced a little at the place where i work, but the greatest school for me was the wordwideweb, where i could talk to people and meet new friends.
of course my english is far away from perfection, so be patient please!!!
even if they aren’t good at languages, italians are known for their cooking abilities, so i hope you will find something interesting in my blog (and that this will make even with the mistakes :P)
the name of the blog “Un dolce al giorno” means “A cake a day” because we have a famous italian saying which is: “una mela al giorno toglie il medico di torno”.
translated in english sounds something like this: “an apple a day takes the doctor away” because apples are a very healthy food. this is of couse a wordplay because cakes are not considered such an healthy food but they are damn good!!!
the love for baking also helped me in a very hard period of my life, so it was a sort of cure for me.
soooo…let’s start this new section, you will find italian traditional cakes here….but also some of the anglosaxon/american tradition, seen through the eyes of an italian, revisited a little bit to be adapted to our taste.