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  • V-shaped cake – Vintersorg cake

    Crostata a forma di V - aka "torta Vintersorg"

    Ok…this is a weird idea…I know.
    This is a dedication post, the first one I’m writing (and maybe the only one ahaha)
    The V doesn’t stand for Valentina which is “accidentally” my name, stands for Vintersorg instead, my favourite singer, artist, musician. I took the gothic look of the V-letter from the band logo, which is really beautiful in my opinion.
    I did this cake for Andreas’ birthday, in art Vintersorg, as you can easily understand, which is today, 17 November. XD
    I did this cake to celebrate this birthday with him and my internet family – The ultimate metal forum friends.
    With this post I would like to thank all the guys of the UMF for being the wonderful persons they are!
    A big thanks goes especially to Vivi and Dany for keeping the secret about this insane plan and giving me suggestions (“to be or not to be?” or better…. “to put galaxies or not to put galaxies?”)!!!
    But the biggest thanks goes surely to Andreas, a person that has changed my life (but I dare to say OUR LIVES) so deeply that he cannot probably understand, for spending his precious time talking with us, for keeping us always updated about all the news, and making us feeling welcome and a family!

  • english recipes
  • Decorated Nutella mini tarts

    Decorated Nutella mini tarts

    I prepared the decorated Nutella mini tarts for my boyfriend’s birthday.
    He loves Nutella! He loves dragons!
    So i decided to combine the two things together.
    I made 4 decorated tarts, to be sure he had a little bit of assortment. I made two tarts with lovely heart shapes and one with an reindeer, but guess what?
    He chose the dragon, needless to say!
    I made the reindeer tart for me. Honestly there are two teories about this cutter, someone says is an elk, someone an octopus (if you look it upside down).
    Was that possible that with my “obsession” with reindeers I wanted to see a reindeer where there was no one? 😛
    Anyway reindeer, elk or octupus this cutter is really cute!
    But the best is of course the dragon XD
    These decorated Nutella mini tarts are really easy to do. You just need to do a shortcrust pastry and do a blind baking, then cook some shaped biscuits to decorate the tart and finally fill it with Nutella. 3 simple steps for an amazing result.
    Let’s start cooking!