Coffee pralines

Chocolate and coffee is a perfect combo. Try these coffee praline with dark chocolate, the recipe is easy and the result is amazing!

2 hours


12 pralines


  • 50 ml heavy cream

  • 14 g glucose syrup

  • 1 tbs coffee powder

  • 115 g dark chocolate (ganache)

  • 100 g dark chocolate (shells)


  • Prepare the praline shells by using tempered dark chocolate.
  • Bring the cream and the coffee. Let it rest for 5 minutes.
  • Filter the cream to remove the coffee.
  • Add the glucose syrup and bring to boil.
  • When the cream reach the boil, pour it on the dark chocolate in pieces and stir.
  • Pour the ganache in the chocolate shells leaving 3 mm from the edge.
  • Let the ganache crystallize before closing the shells with dark tempered chocolate.
  • Let the praline crystallize overnight.