Homemade Cereal Bars

Hi there!

The following homemade ceral bars recipe is very easy and cheap. We need few ingredients and you can make 6 cereal bars. Let’s start!

Servings: 6

Prep. time: 15 mins + cooling


  • 80 grams of honey
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar cane
  • 1 cup of chocolate puffed rice
  • 20 grams of dark chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon of flour


  1. Pour honey and sugar cane in a small pot and cook untill the sugar melt.
  2. Add puffed rice, the grated dark chocolate and flour. Go on cooking for few minutes
  3. Put mixture in a baking tray and press helping yourself with a spoon
  4. Let it cool for 1 hour and cut into small bars
  5. Store in fridge


This no-bake homemade cereal bars recipe is very easy and delicious, I hope you liked đŸ™‚

Lady Pepper

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