tiramisu in the cup


This  tiramisu in the cup is my new version of the classical tiramisù and it’s pretty lovely, it tastes like the normal one, but has more flavour thanks to the coffe gelly. You must try it!

tiramisu in the cup

tiramisu in the cup

ingredients (for 8 cups):
8 savoiardi 
for the mascarpone cheese cream
-100 g white sugar
-42 g water
-100 g yolk
-250 g mascarpone cheese
-250 g cream half-wipped
– 1 lemon’s zest
for the coffe jelly
-250 g coffe
-50 g sugar
-5 g gelatine
-cocoa powder
-minced white chocolate

mascarpone cheese cream
Make water and sugar boil since they reach 115°C, pour it slowly on the yolks while beating, continue beating for 5 minutes (patè-a-bombe). Let it cool down. Add the mascarpone cheese, the cream and the lemon’s zest, mixing since you obtain an homogeneous mix.
coffe jelly 
Melt the sugar in the coffe, then stir in the gelatine (previously softened in fresh water). Pour a bit of jelly in each of the cups and let them rest in the fridge for 2 hours.
Put a savoiardo (rightly shaped) on the jelly, pour on it the mascarpone cheese cream concluding with cocoa powder and minced white chocolate.

firma 1



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