potato soup

This potato soup, served with some parmesan croutons, it’s a flavourful and nutritious cream, wich gives a touch of elegance to every dinner.

finale zuppa

potato soup

for the soup
-500 g potatoes
-100 g peeled shallot
-30 g butter
-2 stock cubes
-salt and pepper
for the croutons
-2 eggs
-100 g bread crumbs
-100 g grated parmesan

Mince the schallot and put it in a casserole with butter, peel potatoes and slice them. Sweat the shallot without burning it, add potatoes and let it cook at medium flame for 3 minutes. Cover with water and add stock cubes, let it bake for 15 minutes covered, then turn off the flame, whip it and add salt & pepper.
Mix eggs, parmesan and bread crumbs with a pinch of salt and make it thin on a waxed paper. Heat the oven at 200°C and oven cook with some butter flakes on it. Take the dough out of the oven and cut it in small pieces, which will be mixed in the soup, serve with some oil and pepper on the top. Bon Appetit!
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