cacio e pepe pasta

Cacio e pepe pasta is a tradition’s classic, but even if it seems a piece of cake to do, you need to know it well to make it the best one you have ever ate!

cacio e pepe

cacio e pepe pasta 


-140 g roman pecorino
-250 g pasta (better if spaghetti)

Heat up in a pot plentiful of water, in the meantime put in a bowl 1o0 g of grated pecorino and 2 pepper’s grinds, salt the water and when it boils add the pasta. When pasta will be almost cooked, pour a half ladle of cooking water on the grated pecorino and mix, since you’ll obtain a firm cream. Drain the pasta and add it to the cream, mix. Before serving it add the left grated pecorino and 2 pepper’s grinds, serve and taste. Bon appetit! =)

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