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Vanilla and chocolate pudding

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Budino bigusto vaniglia e cioccolato

I love puddings but I don’t do it often. This week I made one after long time. I’m quite happy with this recipe that I found in my old recipes book. A pudding that everyone likes and that you can customize and garnish as you wish. Ingredients for the vanilla pudding: 500g Milk 90g sugar […] Read more…

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Gianduja Cup

| My recipes in English

Coppa al gianduia e nocciole

This is a really sweet and rich dessert for special moments, a nice idea to delight your guests and give a moment of delight. It seems difficult but it is not ‘ So be brave and get to work! I’m sure you’ll love it. Italian recipes    ingredients: 100g milk chocolate 50g white chocolate 500ml […] Read more…

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