Here comes the fall and the cold days are beginning, so every now and then we need something hot. Yesterday I felt like something warm and so I decided to prepare a delicious cream of beans and carrots. Since it is very good I leave you the recipe.

Crema di fagioli con crostini di pane alle noci
Crema di fagioli con crostini di pane alle noci


  • ·       500g beans (I used those in the can)
  • ·       6 carrots
  • ·       3 potatoes
  • ·       1 l water
  • ·       50 g leek
  • ·       basil
  • ·       salt
  • ·      ginger powder



For the croutons:

  • ·      walnut bread (for the recipe click here)
  • ·       oil
  • ·       a few grana cheese shavings


  • Procedure:

Chop the leek Drain the canned beans from their water Cut carrots and potatoes into chunks.

Use a pot to saute the leeks, then add the potatoes and carrots. Cook for two minutes and add the beans, the chopped basil and ginger.

Now pour the water into the pot, add salt and cook for 20 minutes.

With an immersion blender blend the vegetables and put the pot on the fire again. Boil until the broth does not shrink and it becomes a cream. Croutons:

Slice walnuts. In a pan pour a little oil, then lay down the sliced bread and toast for 4 minutes.

After the first two minutes turn the slice and put the parmesan on the freshly toasted part. As soon as both sides will be toasted, serve them with the cream of roasted beans. Complete with a basil leaf.


Translated by Gustose traduizioni
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