Quarantine is the root of all Evil! Too much time, and not even a chance of Outdoor Camping nights with friends! However, in the name of safety, we shall endure this!

So, when the cravings for that special treat arise, one has to be ready.

I really, really, really craved S’mores. Yes, the taste of the slightly burned Marshmallow, soft and sticky, then the chocolate and the crunch of a cookie. Tastebuds porn.

Of course a trip to the grocery store was out of the question, and the Electric stove top didn’t help.

Soooo….the FANCY PANTS INDOOR S’MORES were born. It takes a twisted mind to make it , and I ‘m happy to see that there are a LOT of other like- minded people out there, ready to give it a try.

So easy, a caveman with a torch can do it.

INDOOR S’MORES makes 36 bite size S’mores


120 g AP flour

1 heaping Tbs Cornstarch

1 t vanilla essence

1/2 t kosher salt

1 stick of Unsalted butter

50 g of Coconut sugar or Moscovado brown sugar

40 g of Chopped Nuts of choice (Pecans work the best)


Any kind of Jam, Marmelade or even Nutella


3 packages of Knox gelatin

1 1/2 C granulated sugar

Vanilla powder

1 C water divided

A pinch of kosher salt

1 candy thermometer (Guessing doesn’t work) or Instant read



1 C Semisweet chocolate

Finishing salt

Prepare the Cookies

Note: all ingredients should be at room temperature.

Cream the butter and the brown sugar with the salt and vanilla until light and fluffy.

Meanwhile self sift the flour, cornstarch and nuts.

Add all at once and mix with the butter. DO NOT overmix, you ain’t making bread. It’s ok if a few crumbs are left ont he bottom.
Now gather the dough and place it in a zip lock, in a cohesive brick. Refrigerate for at least one hour.

During such time gather the remaining Ingredients and a SMALL round cookie cutter, max 2″ in diameter

NOTE: Remember these are BITE sizes, so anything too big will make an almighty sticky mess


Pre heat oven to 350 F

Line a baking sheet with Silpat or parchment

Roll out the dough on a floured work surface, about 1/4 ” thick. Cut out small rounds, you should get anywhere from 30 to 40.

Place the cookie rounds on the sheet and bake for 12 to 15 minutes. They will NOT spread like a cookie.

When baked, cool down while you prepare the rest.


1 Place 1/2 C of cold water in the bowl of a stand up mixer equipped with the wire whip attachment.  Don’t attempt this with a hand mixer nor with a flat beater . Hospitals are full the way it is, these days…

2 Sprinkle the gelatin over the water and mix to incorporate. Set aside.

3 Place the remaining 1/2 C  water first, then the sugar in a saucier (a pan with high sides and smaller bottom) not the other way around or it might splatter and create crystals. Add the salt. DO NOT stir.

4 Bring to a boil and temp it. When it reaches 249F is ready

NOTE: Will take a while, so in the mean time place the melting chocolate on a double boiler on low

Now, when the syrup has reached the desired temperature, CAREFULLY, remove all the children from the kitchen, and carry the pan over to the mixer.

5 Start the mixer on LOW and pour SLOWLY the syrup into it. As the gelatin melts you can increase speed. It will look like you need 2 sets of hands, but it’s ok.  Keep increasing speed and pouring the syrup, making sure it doesn’t drip to the side of the mixing bawl or will solidify.

Once all the syrup is in, cranck it up!!! It will smell a bit, I know. It’s the gelatin, add the vanilla powder. If you don’t have it, wait until later to add the vanilla flavor.

NOW the tricky part: you have to whip it until the Marshmallow dough pulls some resistance. To assess this I stop the mixer, remove the whip and feel the resistance when inserted into the Mallow. If I can extract it easily it’s not done.

HOWEVER you don’t want a stiff Mallow, or it will be hard to pipe.

While you Wait for  the marshmallow  prepare a piping bag, no tip, just the opening abut the size of a dime.

SPREAD the cookies with a Jam or Nutella. This needs to be done before the Marshmallows are ready, or the dough will get too sticky waiting for you.

6 Add the liquid vanilla to the marshmallow just before it’s done.

7 Pipe the Marshmallow over the sable’ and the Jam/Nutella.

NOTE: Place the cookie far apart, the Marshmallow is like a magnet, so sticky, you touch one and another one gets glued to you…you will see.

Wait for it to crate a skin.

If you have a BLOW TORCH this is your time to shine!!  Do the thing. Make them pretty.

If you don’t …don’t worry, you could place them into the oven or just drizzle the chocolate on top and call it a day. But seriously, why don’t you have a blow torch???

Once assembled the FANCY PANTS INDOOR S’mores can be devoured right away.

They fair well refrigerated overnight too, in a tight seal container. They last a week. (never at my house, but I write it because….it’s cool )


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Salve! Vivo tra due mondi, ma con i piedi per terra. E' un lusso poter scegliere il meglio di entrambi. La vita mi ha fatto questo regalo, e lo voglio condividere con Voi!! Sono nata negli anni 60 in Italia. Il mondo della televisione in Bianco e Nero, senza cibi GMO, senza smart phones. La mia infanzia e' stata costellata di persone incredibili e memorie indelebili della mia famiglia. Ora, 50 anni dopo e 10 mila km di distanza apparte, tutte queste memorie hanno contribuito ad arricchire la mia vita ..dopotutto, una ragazza puo' lasciare l'Italia, ma l'Italia non lasciam mai le sue ragazze!.Hello all. I live in between two worlds (USA and Italy) but I'm really grounded. I believe it's a luxury to be able to pick and choose the best of both. I've been given that gift and I'm sharing it with you. I was born in the 60's in Italy. Black and White pictures, no GMO, no tablets, no computers or cell phones. My childhood was starred by people and memories. It sure takes a village to raise a child...and a great family. I was blessed to have all of the above. Now, fast forward 50 years, 10,000 kilometers away. My life is richer than ever because of my upbringing. I have stories...lots of stories I will share with you. Afterall, A GIRL might leave Italy, but Italy NEVER leaves the girl!

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