Cheesy Cauliflower Gnocchi with Potato Buds. GF delight!

Well, so far this quarantine is proving itself to be productive, at least for what concerns the kitchen department!

What to do with a sorry cauliflower and NO flour? Well, these gnocchi turned out better than I imagined, so I’m sharing my findings with you.

I read a lot of recipes on line, but then I ended up going with my Italian ancestors whispering me to add Nutmeg, and Parmigiano. The result? something that I could totally eat with no condiment, but then…why not add some butter? or plain tomato sauce?


Serves 2

Level: easy

Cost: low

Time: 20 min


1 head of Cauliflower about 1lb before cleaning, 14 oz after trimming

1 C Parmigiano Cheese, grated

1 lg Egg yolk

1/2 C Tapioca starch

1/2 C Potato buds (yup, the one in the box, flakes, dehydrated real potatoes)

1/2 t salt

Nutmeg to taste

Potato starch for Rolling out the dough.


Steam the cauliflower and let it cool, placed in a cheese cloth or fine cloth. Strain the water. Press hard if you need to.

The cauliflower will release a LOT of clear water. About 1 C. You need to end up with a heaping Cup of squeezed cauliflower. The more water you remove, the better. In addition, you can place it in a skillet, over low heat, with 1 T oil and let it cook until water is fully evaporated.

Place the cauliflower in a food processor, add salt, nutmeg and cheese, pulse to incorporate. Then add the potato buds, repeat.

Add the Tapioca starch and the egg. Pulse until you get a smooth mix.

Place the dough on a flat working surface. Dust with Potato Starch

Divide into 4 logs and shape each into long ropes as big as your pinky finger. Cut at 1″ intervals.

Coat in Potato starch if needed and place the Gnocchi (I should say Chicche since they have no ridges and they are tiny) onto a cloth lined tray and freeze until ready to use.

Drop in simmering (not a roaring boil) salted water until they come afloat.

NOTE: do not be afraid! Taste your water. Should be as salty as the ocean. 

FAVORITE Sauce: Melt 6 T of butter and 2 T EVOO with some sage leaves. Once the Gnocchi are coming afloat, skim them directly into the sauce. Serve immediately.

Extra Cheese and Pepper Welcome.


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Salve! Vivo tra due mondi, ma con i piedi per terra. E' un lusso poter scegliere il meglio di entrambi. La vita mi ha fatto questo regalo, e lo voglio condividere con Voi!! Sono nata negli anni 60 in Italia. Il mondo della televisione in Bianco e Nero, senza cibi GMO, senza smart phones. La mia infanzia e' stata costellata di persone incredibili e memorie indelebili della mia famiglia. Ora, 50 anni dopo e 10 mila km di distanza apparte, tutte queste memorie hanno contribuito ad arricchire la mia vita ..dopotutto, una ragazza puo' lasciare l'Italia, ma l'Italia non lasciam mai le sue ragazze!.Hello all. I live in between two worlds (USA and Italy) but I'm really grounded. I believe it's a luxury to be able to pick and choose the best of both. I've been given that gift and I'm sharing it with you. I was born in the 60's in Italy. Black and White pictures, no GMO, no tablets, no computers or cell phones. My childhood was starred by people and memories. It sure takes a village to raise a child...and a great family. I was blessed to have all of the above. Now, fast forward 50 years, 10,000 kilometers away. My life is richer than ever because of my upbringing. I have stories...lots of stories I will share with you. Afterall, A GIRL might leave Italy, but Italy NEVER leaves the girl!

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