Risotto with Mushroom and Bacon


I really love rice and aur italian risotto and I don’t think that it’s difficult to find it in other part of the word, so if you can try this risotto with mushroom and bacon, it’s special thanks to anise’s seeds!

Ingredients: for 2

  • 150 gr rice
  • 250 gr cutted mushrooms
  • 50 gr bacon
  • circa 300 ml broth
  • oil
  • half onion
  • 1 tea spoon of anise’s seeds
  • white wine
  • butter

Let’s do it:

We start off with cutting the onion in very small slices, then we put some oil in a potwith the onion and we cook it until the onion become brown. Next we add mushrooms and we cook them for 3-4 minutes, finally we add rice simmer with some white wine until reduced.

At this point we add the broth and we put the cover on the pot it will spend more ore less 20 minutes to be ready.

During this time e can cut bacon and cook it in a frying pan without oil for 1-2 minutes and put it aside.

When the rice is ready, we can cook until creamy with some butter and then we can add bacon and a spoon of anice’s seeds.

Your Rice with mushrooms and bacon is ready and you will notice that it smell very good!

risotto fughi e pancetta

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