Lemon scented apple cake

Lemon scented apple cake If you are looking for something light, soft, using no butter or oil, give this delicious low fat lemon scented apple cake a go! You will not be disappointed. Per la RICETTA IN ITALIANO clicca QUI. LEMON SCENTED APPLE CAKE INGREDIENTS 250 g all-purpose flour with no raising agents 150... Continua »
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Refreshing grapefruit drink

Refreshing grapefruit drink This refreshing grapefruit drink is one of those speedy recipes that does not require much effort. An ideal soft drink that I am sure you will love. I thank my friend Raffaella for this simple but amazing recipe. REFRESHING GRAPEFRUIT DRINK   INGREDIENTS 1 pink grapefruit ½ lemon 40 ml of... Continua »
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Pasta with cauliflower recipe

Pasta with cauliflower recipe Are you looking for a simple and yummy recipe that does not involve much time? Try this pasta with cauliflower: so good and so easy! RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  PASTA WITH CAULIFLOWER   INGREDIENTS (for 3 people) 270/280 g of short pasta 300 g of cauliflower florets 1 garlic clove black olives... Continua »
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Roasted cauliflower recipe

Roasted cauliflower recipe This roasted cauliflower is a very light, healthy and tasty side dish. If you are on a diet, try this delicious recipe! You will be amazed to find out how easy it is. RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  ROASTED CAULIFLOWER INGREDIENTS cauliflower extra virgin olive oil salt black pepper DIRECTIONS Preheat... Continua »
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Ricotta cheese and chocolate cups

Ricotta cheese and chocolate cups Nothing could be easier than making these ricotta cheese and chocolate cups. A delicious, creamy dessert that I want to share with you. Everybody will love it! RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  RICOTTA CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE CUPS INGREDIENTS (for two cups) 250 g ricotta cheese 20 g powdered sugar 1 organic orange... Continua »
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How to cook pasta

How to cook pasta I’m Italian and I love pasta. I eat it almost every day. Cooking pasta is not difficult, but it is necessary to follow some simple rules. So….I want to show you how to cook pasta correctly.  Al dente….of course!!!  HOW to COOK PASTA First of all it is important to remember... Continua »
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Cinnamon and ginger tisane

Cinnamon and ginger tisane Do you want to learn how to prepare a delicious homemade tisane? This cinnamon and ginger tisane is very simple to make. Moreover it isn’t expensive and it has a lot of health benefits. Don’t forget that ginger, cloves and cinnamon have anti-inflammatory properties and improve digestion. So this is... Continua »
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Chocolate salami recipe

Chocolate salami recipe The chocolate salami is a very popular Italian dessert. I love it…and my children love it too. I could say that everybody loves it! Preparing it is quite easy. There are a lot of variations of this recipe that doesn’t require cooking.. I suggest you give it a try! RICETTA... Continua »
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Chocolate nut biscuits

Chocolate nut biscuits I love biscuits and cookies. I love making them. I just say one thing: try these chocolate nut biscuits because they are really delicious. They are made with simple ingredients and they are perfect for breakfast and as snacks too. A very simple and easy to make recipe. CHOCOLATE NUT... Continua »
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Ham and peas baked pasta

Ham and peas baked pasta This ham and peas baked pasta is a delicious dish that you can prepare in advance and bake at the last minute. Try it! It is easy and yummy! I am sure that your family will gobble up this pasta. RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  HAM and PEAS BAKED PASTA  INGREDIENTS... Continua »
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