Lemon scented apple cake

Lemon scented apple cake If you are looking for something light, soft, using no butter or oil, give this delicious low fat lemon scented apple cake a go! You will not be disappointed. Per la RICETTA IN ITALIANO clicca QUI. LEMON SCENTED APPLE CAKE INGREDIENTS 250 g all-purpose flour with no raising agents 150... Continua »
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Ricotta cheese and chocolate cups

Ricotta cheese and chocolate cups Nothing could be easier than making these ricotta cheese and chocolate cups. A delicious, creamy dessert that I want to share with you. Everybody will love it! RICETTA IN ITALIANO QUI  RICOTTA CHEESE AND CHOCOLATE CUPS INGREDIENTS (for two cups) 250 g ricotta cheese 20 g powdered sugar 1 organic orange... Continua »
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Chocolate salami recipe

Chocolate salami recipe The chocolate salami is a very popular Italian dessert. I love it…and my children love it too. I could say that everybody loves it! Preparing it is quite easy. There are a lot of variations of this recipe that doesn’t require cooking.. I suggest you give it a try! RICETTA... Continua »
marzo 21, 2015 / 2

Chocolate nut biscuits

Chocolate nut biscuits I love biscuits and cookies. I love making them. I just say one thing: try these chocolate nut biscuits because they are really delicious. They are made with simple ingredients and they are perfect for breakfast and as snacks too. A very simple and easy to make recipe. CHOCOLATE NUT... Continua »
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CHOCOLATE BUNDT CAKE | recipe with egg whites

CHOCOLATE BUNDT CAKE | recipe with egg whites This chocolate bundt cake is quick, foolproof and quite delicious. Besides it makes it possible to use the egg whites left from other preparations. Italian version/Ricetta in italiano HERE/QUI  CHOCOLATE BUNDT CAKE   INGREDIENTS 6 egg whites (room temperature) 200 g sugar 150 g white flour 50 g coconut flour... Continua »
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