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Pane panelle e crocchè English recipe

| My recipes in English

pane, panelle e crocchè

Italian recipe Palermo its full of traditions. We are proud of our dishes. I have already spoken to some traditional Sicilian dishes, I shared with you the recipes of sfincione, the arancini, the cassata, the Sardinian warbler and pasta with sardines, but still there I spoke of the bread, fritters and croquettes (or cazzilli). But […] Read more…

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The classic Sicilian Cassata

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La Cassata

Italian recipe The classic Sicilian Cassata is a sweet that is proposed, usually, for the holidays. Its origins date back to the Arab domination between IX – XI century. The Arabs had introduced sugarcane, lemon, lime, bitter orange, mandarin, almond, which was combined with the ricotta produced in Sicily since prehistoric times. Initially the sweet […] Read more…

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Anelletti baked-Anelletti al forno

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Anelletti baked-Anelletti al forno

Italian recipe   Palermo when it comes to baked pasta, means exclusively one type of pasta, the Anelletti. It ‘a  classic, but this type of pasta is hard to find in other parts of Italy.     Ingredients for anelletti: (6 people) 400g anelletti 3 eggplants Grated cheese 70 g fresh cheese 100g breadcrumbs   […] Read more…

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Vanilla and chocolate pudding

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Budino bigusto vaniglia e cioccolato

I love puddings but I don’t do it often. This week I made one after long time. I’m quite happy with this recipe that I found in my old recipes book. A pudding that everyone likes and that you can customize and garnish as you wish. Ingredients for the vanilla pudding: 500g Milk 90g sugar […] Read more…

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Romanesco Broccoli Pie

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torta salata con broccolo romanesco

love pies and I usually use vegetables with it. They are really good for cleaning the left overs in the fridge. This one is with romanesco broccoli. I used this pie for an aperitif. Everybody loved it. Ingredients:  1 roll of puff pastry (or if you prefer you can easily prepare it with this recipe) […] Read more…

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Gianduja Cup

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Coppa al gianduia e nocciole

This is a really sweet and rich dessert for special moments, a nice idea to delight your guests and give a moment of delight. It seems difficult but it is not ‘ So be brave and get to work! I’m sure you’ll love it. Italian recipes    ingredients: 100g milk chocolate 50g white chocolate 500ml […] Read more…

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Cream of beans and carrot

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Crema di fagioli con crostini di pane alle noci

Italian Here comes the fall and the cold days are beginning, so every now and then we need something hot. Yesterday I felt like something warm and so I decided to prepare a delicious cream of beans and carrots. Since it is very good I leave you the recipe. Ingredients: ·       500g beans (I used those in the can) ·       6 carrots ·       3 potatoes ·       1 l water ·       50 g leek ·       basil ·       salt ·      ginger powder […] Read more…

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Walnut bread

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Panini alle noci

[banner] Italian I love the walnut bread, but since I’m in Milan I can not find it anywhere(and if I find it, it is always very  expensive). However, I always avoid to buy bread here because I find that I do not particularly like it, and so I prefer to always do it at home. Also in this case I will not disappoint you, and here is my walnut bread. Ingredients: ·       500g white flour ·       300ml milk ·       20gr olive oil ·       10g […] Read more…

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Carrot salad

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Insalata di carote

[banner] Carrot salad Italian The carrot salad is a delicious side dish that binds very well with cheese. It’s fast to prepare and you will need only a few ingredients.                     Ingredients 5 carrots 50g Parmesan cheese chives (if you like it) 4 basil leaves 1 […] Read more…

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Pan di spagna (english)

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Pan di spagna

[banner] Italian I really like making cakes and lately I have been passionate about cake design, I am not particularly good at it but little by little I experiment and look for the best recipes. The sponge cake is not a “new cake”  but it’s really one of the best cakes that I could test for the cakes decorated with the sugar paste (sp for friends). There are thousands of different recipes, some people use the yeast, others do not. In fact, the original sponge cake does not […] Read more…

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