Butter and Parmesan Codfish Fillets

This recipe is very easy and quick, and you need just four ingredients to make it. Nevertheless it is really good and even people who doesn’t like fish can appreciate it.

Cod fillets
Greated parmesan
  1. Put a knob of butter in the pan.
  2. When it is hot, place the cod fillets and let cook for few minutes.
  3. When the fish is almost done, addthe greated parmesan on it, and then add it even on the other side.
  4. At the end, add a dram of milk, in order to have a little of sauce that prevent the fish from drying.
That’s it! I didn’t add salt because it is not needed to me, but if you want you can add it.
 photo Firma_zps0bcccc0e.png

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